Guilty Pleasures | Music

April 30, 2012 1 comment

Everyone has a guilty pleasure.  Something you secretly enjoy behind closed doors.  It’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with that.  Unless it’s something totally weird, like eating your boogers or something.  Ew.

As a Hip Hop fiend, I can’t help but be drawn to artists with lyrical ability and substance.  But that doesn’t mean the exact opposite of that slips through my hip hop firewall and seeps its way into my brain.  There are several “bubblegum” songs that I can’t help but bob my head to when I’m at the crib or riding around in the Corolla solo. I’d like to share a few with my readers today.  Enjoy…and don’t judge me.

Move It Like Bernie Dance

I don’t know what it is about this dance and song, but I can’t help but hit the dance when I hear this song.  The first time I saw the video I got extra excited because it was in my hometown of Bossier City, LA.  Damn shame it had to be a dumb dance to put us on the map, but I guess I’ll take it.

Return Of The Mack – Mark Morrison

If you said you didn’t jam this in the 90s, YOU…ARE…A…LIAR! Mark Morrison displayed swag before we knew swag existed.  I probably listen to this track at least once a day.  It’s hard to stay in a foul mood when you hear “Return of the Mack (Once again!) Return of the Mack (Top of the world!)”

Hard In the Paint – Waka Flaka Flame

The dude is garbage, but the simple fact he admits he sucks at rapping gives him a pass in my book.  Normally his music sounds like an elephant farting, but I get pretty amped up when this track comes on.  Definitely a great track to work out too.  POW POW POW POW POW POW POW!!

So Icy – Gucci Mane ft Young Jeezy

I first heard this “hood classic” while on the way back home to Bossier with my homeboy.  I swear we heard it about 20 times that day alone.  I think it’s just the chorus that makes this song so catchy to me.  I still don’t know the lyrics to the verses.  Dah well, I get it in when the hook comes in.  “Alllll this girls excited, giiirrrrrl you know you like it, I’m so Icccccy!” haha

So what’s on your guilty pleasure list in music?  Let me know in the comments below.

As always, stay classy.



Love & Hip Hop

April 25, 2012 2 comments

Hip Hop music is notorious for its’ degrading lyrics to the female gender.  Unfortunately, there’s a lot of truth to that statement.  There are a lot artists who attempt to emulate a certain lifestyle through their lyrics.  Which includes treating women like objects.  To serve as nice things to look at, have sex with, and toss out like an empty carton of milk.

Does this mean that all artists under the umbrella of Hip Hop are misogynistic? Not at all.  There are plenty of artists (high profile) that released “female friendly” music.  After hearing the same thing on the radio waves, it’s always a breath of fresh air to hear a hip hop love song.  So today, I want to share a few of my favorite joints.  Enjoy.

Joel Ortiz ft Novel – Call Me (2009)

I love this track right here.  Slaughterhouse’s own, Joel Ortiz, takes a break from killin’ emcees with his high caliber lyrics and tells a personal story from his school yard days.  Even though this song dropped in 2009, it has a very nostalgic feel.  It conjures up memories from my own high school years.

Drake – Best I Ever Had (2009)

I know I know…I KNOW! Drake is rather annoying right now.  He gets a bad rap for being soft and crying on the mic.  I get all that.  Hell, I actually agree with you.  But I still think this joint is pretty hot.  Regardless of how you feel about the man, I’m sure you can relate to this song.  Whether it be your soul mate, your girlfriend, or a cut buddy, there’s a woman out there that fits the mold of the “Best You Ever Had.”

Mase ft Total – What You Want (1998)

Harlem World! Flashy suits, shiny cars, and beautiful women were a constant in any Mase video in the 90s.  But he teamed up with Total (Kima, Kisha, and Pam…oh damn!) to drop his take on a love song.  Mase spits the lyrics: “Girl, I can tell you were meant for me, I can tell by the way you were sent to me, While I’m tour tryin’ to make centuries, and they ask who ya man, you betta mention me.” Strong arming the love, but love nonetheless.

Goodie Mob – Beautiful Skin (1998)

Before Cee Lo decided to go down the rabbit hole and come out a pop artist, he was a part of one of the most influential southern hip-hop groups, Goodie Mob.  On their second album, “Still Standing” (A Classic…) the group dropped this song dedicated to beautiful black women.  Cee Lo’s verse was so smooth you would think he ate a bowl of silk worms before we wrote it.

Method Man ft Mary J Blige – All I Need (1995)

No disrespect to the “Bonita Applebums” or “I Need Loves” of the hip hop world, but this track is by far the greatest hip hop love song of all time.  Method Man found the perfect delivery for his interpretation of love without sacrificing his raw and street persona.  Then you throw on MJB on the hook to let the track ease into your subconscious.

So what’s on your all time favorite list? Share in the comments below.

As always children, stay classy…


Price vs Quality (#TheWriterzBlock Post)

November 18, 2011 Leave a comment

After I graduated College back in 2005, I was offered a gig working at Dell. As a budding, wet-behind-the-ears Marketer, I had to earn my stripes on the sales floor before I was entrusted to manage an online marketing campaign. I mean it makes sense right? How am I going to truly understand the product and consumer if I’ve never been on the front lines? So I gladly accepted the challenge. For 9 grueling, stressful, and over-time riddled months, I sold computers to the cheapest of people on this Earth. I used to think to myself, “Why the hell would you call me KNOWING it costs X amount and then you DEMAND me to lower the price?!” But it doesn’t stop there. The real fun begins when you have a customer who feels it necessary to express their true sentiments towards Dell’s choice of employees in their many Customer Service call centers. (Spoiler alert, Dell uses outsourcing)

Dell marketed low-priced computers to “get you into the door” just to be up-sold on products you really didn’t need to make a profit. Not to mention if your product happens to break, you were forced to deal with someone in another country with a thick accent named Srinivas (but says his name is Tom). I used to laugh in my head to customers when they would yell, “I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO NO AKBAR IN INDIA! WE LIVE IN AMERICA!” or “WHY WOULD…

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Sanctity of Marriage (#TheWriterzBlock Post)

November 11, 2011 Leave a comment

I’m not a fan of following celebrity gossip.  I hate reading the headlines on those crap tabloid magazines that showcase who’s dating who and who’s screwing who.  But in our society, celebrity gossip is always front page news.  I mean who cares if our children’s education is suffering because of constant budget cuts when Lindsey Lohan just entered rehab for the 20th time right? That’s far more important. With these sorts of headlines popping up on every news outlet, blog, and social media site, one can’t help but stay updated with all the nonsense.  It’s similar to riding in a car where everyone is smoking a blunt but you. You’re gonna get high whether you like it not.

As many of you already know, A-list celebrity, Kim Kardashian, filed for a divorce from her husband and New Jersey Nets Forward, Kris Humphries, after a whopping 72 days of marriage.  According to my news feed on Facebook and TL on Twitter, no one was really surprised.  I mean who would honestly take Kim marrying anyone serious.  I’ve heard there were office pools-a plenty as to when…

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What’s Your Sign? (#TheWriterzBlock)

October 7, 2011 Leave a comment

*scrolls through iPod*

*selects “Float On” by the Floaters*

(Float On Float On) Taurus…and my name is Anthony.  I like a woman who cooks, cleans, and isn’t afraid to get on her…well, you get the picture.  Today class, I want to discuss an ongoing phenomenon that engulfs my timeline every morning between the hours of 6 to 9 am.

When I get up in the morning and get myself ready for the day, I like to scroll through my social media accounts to see what’s going on.  Now that I think about it, it’s usually filled with the same sort of tweets and updates so I guess it’s just become a habit because I’m not really learning anything.  Oh well, I digress.  So my timeline usually looks like this:

“You have had plenty of stress recently and are feeling relieved now because everything’ … More for Taurus

Do I ever click the link to see what my daily horoscope is? Hell no. Why should I? So can be given…(Click here to continue reading)

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Can I Take Your Order?

October 3, 2011 Leave a comment

more food

After a month long hiatus, I’m back with a new addition to Ant’s Thoughts.  I apologize to my readers for my absence, but life sort of caught up with me a bit and I didn’t have the time to blog like I would’ve liked.  Ah hell, who am I kidding.  I spent too much time playing Black Ops in the last month.  Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to keep the normal cadence of quality blogs flowing this Fall.

As you already know, I have no quorums expressing my thoughts about everyday experiences that I find to be ridiculous.  Today, I want to share an issue that I’m certain all of you have experience several times in your life.  Especially if you live in the great state of Texas. So the other day during lunch, I found myself to be rather famished. Since I’m lazy and didn’t pack my lunch, and Apple wants to act “holier than thou” by not accepting debit/credit cards in the cafe’, I decided to make a Mickey Ds run.  I pull up to the drive thru and proceed to order.  Here’s a brief transcript: (to the best of my knowledge of course)

Drive Thru Attendent: “Belcome to McDonnas, can I take chu order?

Me: “Ummm, let me get two McDoubles, medium fries, two apple pies, and a large sweet tea please.”

Drive Thru Attendent: “I sawty, can chu say again?”

Me: Sure…two McDoubles, medium french fries, two apple pies, and a large sweet tea.”

Drive Thru Attendent: “Chu want McDunnas and fries?”

Me: “I want two McDoubles, medium french fries, two apple pies, and a large sweet tea!”

Drive Thru Attendent: “Okay, chu want two McDunna, Medium Fry, two pie, and sweet tea?”

Me: Yes!

After I pay and I receive my order in the second window, I knew better than to just to drive off.  My Momma always told me to check the bag.  Low and behold, my order is wrong. My “Sweet Tea” is a actually a coke.  My “Two McDunnas” turned into one McDouble and a regular hamburger.

For years I’ve constantly questioned why in the hell would you put someone who obviously does NOT speak English very well on the drive thru?  I’m not trying to be racist by any means and I’m all for equality, but it doesn’t make logical sense.  It’s hard enough to hear through the squawk box as it is, and now you’re going to put Lupita or Eduardo there?  C’mon man!

Living in Austin, I realize the vast majority of its’ residence south of Braker are going to be of hispanic decent.  So it makes sense that the employees of fast food restaurants would only mimic the population.  But, let’s mosey on down to Bee Caves and West Lake.  Home of the affluent Caucasians.  Surely the establishments in these locations will have a better mix of native english speakers right?  *Cue Buzz sound* Nope. Pull up to the drive thru in any fast food spot in Rich-White-Man-Land and Rodrigo will be there to take your order.

I realize in our day and age, more ESL (English As a Second Language) individuals take on the jobs that many of our uppity American counter parts refuse to do, but as a Manager of Fast Food restaurant, you need to use your brain here.  How about putting the individuals who don’t speak English the well in the back and allow them to get their Cook (Whoop) Swag (Whoop) Chef (Whoop) on some potatoes or something.  If you were to go to an Applebees, Chili’s, or any other moderately priced family restaurant, do you see Carlos taking your order? Nope, Carlos is getting his swag on in the back.  Why? Because Carlos doesn’t communicate in the English language well enough to take your order properly on a consistent basis.

I can’t stress this enough, I’m not being racist here.  I’m just fed up with having to repeat myself 20 times to order my damn “McDunna wit sheese.” I think I’ve driven my point home here.  Let me know if you feel the same way.

As always, stay classy.

What’s Your REAL Number? (#TheWriterzBlock)

August 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Happy Friday Everyone! I’ll be your “Featured Friday” blogger for the day.  (Excuse me while I do the MC Hammer typewriter across your computer screen in excitement)Today’s blog is dedicated to those lovely ladies out there…and the ugly ones too.  Well, to be totally honest, it’s really dedicated to those swamp donkeys out there with a false sense of their true status.  If I offend anyone, maybe you should re-evaulate yourself.

I love women. I really do. Shout out to @DontCallTyrone for his blog about Women a few days ago.  I honestly think there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman with self confidence (not cockiness) in her beauty and isn’t afraid to express herself.  But on that same token, I’ve noticed there has been quite the influx of “over-confidence.” Now I don’t frequent…

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